Thursday, 15 June 2006

Bryan is home already...

Location: The Clan, Roseville NSW 2069, Australia
As I walked in the door at work, my phone rang. What a pleasent surprise, a call from South America! What clear reception they have! Bryan asks "What you doing?" to which I reply, "I'm at work. Why? Where are you?" "I'm back!"

So yeah, Bryan is in Sydney, I don't know why. He can't get into his car because I lost his keys in the move, and yes you can call us Abbot and Costello. At least I didn't forget the tent poles. No the keys are not in the car! Yes I've already looked there!


Anonymous said...

You are developing some bad habits...Port and chocolate, maybe thats inherent. Car keys again,you absolutely sure there not in the car.Didnt see the soccer but I can imagine,Havent they got a penalty for taking a dive or dont the refs use it.

Rhian said...

You are freakin hopeless! I can't even think of anything funny or inventive to say I'm so stumped by your hopelessness. Which is kinda ironic considering the above post about Bush. Not that I'm defending him or anythin.

Anonymous said...

Its a good thing im with RACWA (affiliated with NRMA), who let me in the CAr, and that i keep a spare set of keys in the car.

Ill be on my way to cairn scome monday.