Saturday, 17 March 2012

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

When food quality is high, Food qty is low... and so are obesity levels

Location: 5丁目53−70 United Nations University, Tokyo, Japan
Food presentation in Japan is amazing, and I'm not just talking about in the restaurants. Here in Tokyo you can buy better food in the convenience stores than you can get in your average deli back home.

United Nations University Farmers Market

Perfect present for White Day? (Japanese Valentines day for men)

Its not just presentation though, its quality. I'm not sure what happens with the 'damaged' stuff but it certainly doesn't make it to the shelves. Given the Japanese penchant for efficiency, I imagine it makes it way to a cannery somewhere or maybe the huge variety of dried fruits they have. 

Huge array of Mushrooms! Yay!
 This high food quality, low quantity consumption is in direct contrast to the USA, UK and Australia. Also in direct contrast are the obesity statistics. In the latest obesity rankings for the OECD USA (1st), UK (3rd) and Australia (6th) all rank in the top 10 with over 20% of the population considered Obese.  Japan ranks last - 28th with only 3.5% considered obese. Eat better, eat less.

Statistics ourtesy of

The finished product, with some help from the local butcher

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Japanese apartment: Very small but very cute!

Location: Japan, Tokyo, Chuo, Tsukiji, 4丁目13−18
 Study / Lounge / Bedroom

At least I fit in the bed completely

Kitchen & bathroom

 Almost always worried about banging my head on something!

1 year!? Just may go a little stir crazy.

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

New beginnings and different endings

Location: Aria Branca, Dili, Timor-Leste
For as long as we have clouds, sunshine
We will have sunsets and sunrise
For as long as we have early morning risers and star gazers
We will have an appreciation of infinite possibilities.

For as long as we have the crimson, gold
and pink delicacy of a tropical sunset
The azure, green and gold where jungle, sun and sea meet
We will have an appreciation of chance creation

For as long as we have the misty blue haze of mountain silhouettes
and sparkling fire water
The piercing sparkle, razzle dazzle rays and invigorating warmth of an airborne sun
We will have an appreciation of new beginnings and different endings

For as long as we have an appreciation of sunsets and sunrises
We will have an appreciation of infinite possibilities

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Climate Deniers strategy to take over the Aussie press

For those that thought this blog post was a touch cynical, it now appears that Gina Rinhearts play for Channel 10 and Fairfax Media has recently been exposed as being highly aligned with a media strategy dreamed up by well known Climate Change denier 'Lord' Monckton and the mining Industry funded Free-market and climate deniers think tank Mannkal Economic Education Foundation. 

Read the ABC article exposing the plot here:

View excerpts of the board-room meeting where they come up with the plan to take over our media here: Scroll down for YouTube Video

After becoming informed, you may even want to make a donation to GetUP to fight the infiltration of our media from self-interest groups.