Friday, 10 June 2011

Moving on

Location: Jakarta Capital Region, Indonesia
I left the bike and 2,250,000 IRP with a complete stranger. All I have in return is a piece of copy paper, a 'legal' stamp and a promise to deliver it to Kupang in about 2 weeks.

To be fair, it is supposed to be a logistics company, but in reality it was just a nice house which advertised the services of a lawyer. It sounds bad, but in reality the transaction with Schenker in Australia was kidnd of the same, the only difference was that I know Schenker, and they had a warehouse. A big warehouse with lots of trucks coming and going.

I fly out to Denpasar on Sunday morning. Spend the day in bali and fly out to Dili on Monday morning. I'll be starting 'work' immediately and will take a wk'end run to Kupang to pick up the bike and ride it back to Dili when it arrives in Kupang. If i'm lucky, it will arrive in about 3 months and it will be just in time for me to take it to Ende and ride all the way back through Indonesia.

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