Tuesday, 31 May 2011

201 Posts, Still no bike...

The bike is definitely maybe available tomorrow. I have had this confirmed from other independent sources now, which helps keep my head above water.

These are the events that have been confirmed by multiple sources as having occurred to delay my bike:
  • There was a strike in the Port over the week-end
  • There has been 2 public holidays with a 3rd this week if it is not out tomorrow
  • One of the shipping manifests for goods that were shipped in the same container as mine were incorrect, so the whole container was way-laid until the over-all manifest could be adjusted.
  • Singapore shipping wouldn't release the cargo because they don't know what a carnet visa is and thought that (temporary) imports of motor vehicles to Indonesia was prohibited.
And I haven't even ridden it in a single country other than Australia yet!


Swissbeats said...

Even i'm getting frustrated reading about all these obstacles!

D. said...

And Still no bike... public holiday tomorrow, so no chance till Friday.