Monday, 3 October 2005


Just like to mention happy birthday to Dad, Mum and Brother (Peter, Anne and Simon) who all had birthdays this month. I was probably slack, but I did try and call mum and dad, albeit I think it was about 1am UK time!

As my birthday present to you all, Rhian has kindly donated some pictures I can embarass myself with, and as I have publicly promised to publish them - so be it. I hope you all enjoy finding out what i was like when I was a little tucker!


m from D&m said...

dressing up as try hard girls seems to be a family trait.

Anne Maree said...

You were always a cutey

Fuller said...

Thanks Anne maree! As for the dress ups - you should have seen me in my pruple and black thermal leggings tonight playing ultimate frisbee! It was freezing - I had to do it casue I haven't done my washing for a week! Woops!

Anonymous said...

I promised that I'd leave you a let me just look very cute in a dress..haha..